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What Is Brand Value And How Can One Enhance It?

Everybody wants it! Many Struggle to achieve it! Few attain it! Brand Value is an enormously important subject matter amongst businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs and companies at large. It is an important issue to be dealt with, especially for the start ups. Brands have become so important for customers that hardly anything unbranded goes directly or … Continue reading What Is Brand Value And How Can One Enhance It?

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Brand Protection: A Lesson from Louboutin

In todays’ consumerist day and age, the brand value of a company is key to its profits. It takes years to set up a unique brand that appeals to consumers and becomes a leader in its sector of the economy. Various factors such as intensive research and development, smart marketing and, publicity contribute to building … Continue reading Brand Protection: A Lesson from Louboutin

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The Brand War!

Brands are the biggest source of marketing. A company protects its brands by Trade Marks since they are often the main identity of their business or their key products. If the ownership of the Trade Mark is disputed, it can disrupt the business of both the concerned parties.  A brand operation can undergo huge losses … Continue reading The Brand War!

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