Building IP Strategy


Intellectual property (IP) is the most treasured asset that a Corporate possesses and should be managed with due respect. An IP strategy focuses on alignment of R&D, IP, and Business strategies and lays the basic foundation for development of the forthcoming Patent, Trademark and Copyright Portfolio.

Apart from numerous other parameters, an IP Strategy focuses on:

  • How to break up the IP Budget across different Intellectual Properties
  • Whether to build a defensive or an offensive IP portfolio
  • Which geographies to focus on for protection and commercialization
  • How to measure return on investment and define timelines for the purpose
  • Which IP’s to License and which to commercialize in-house
  • How to ensure that the portfolio is defendable and place on records steps which ensure that all infringements, passing off actions, and dilution acts are handled strongly and enforced properly

Khurana & Khurana is proud to have a strong team of IP experts, which not only have the desired legal and technical expertise but also possess management and finance expertise that help them look at a problem from a third angle perspective and bring out a solution that are worth considering and opting for. Our expertise in aligning patent strategy to serve business strategy is well recognized and used by over 300 Indian Corporates. Trying to use out-of-box solutions gives our clients a fresh perspective on the concerned problem and helps them use measures which have been well-deliberated and analyzed.

IIPRD, through its team of MBA’s, Accountants and Technical Subject Matter Experts (TSME’s), provide a unique combination of research analysts who provide comprehensive market and revenue analysis reports on companies/ products/ technologies as per client requirement. Such reports help the Clients in identifying key competitors, emerging players/products, markets covered by a particular technology, etc. The revenue analysis reports provide a complete detailed analysis of a company’s performance and assists clients in determining licensing revenue, royalty, litigation cost and more. Furthermore, IIPRD, through an access of multiple paid and technology specific databases, is able to retreive and present the most relevant data.

Khurana & Khurana also understands that brands stand on Trade Marks and that an efficiently protected Trade Mark portfolio can help formulate a strong brand strategy, which is integral to business strategy. At Khurana & Khurana, we assist our clients in establishing effective guidelines and roadmaps to develop global brands, assess the availability and chances of registration, help choose the manner of representation and would give widest protection, and help evaluate the means for monitoring & exploiting brands