Patent Search Mapping & Analysis


Gone are the days when a company’s equity was held mostly in physical assets. Today, a company’s present and future is decided by what information it owns and how it uses that information. And, patents are the major source of technological and competitive information that a business may use to gain strategic advantage. In this highly competitive market, it is imperative to safeguard your products and services, to assess the patentability of inventions and, to stay up-to-date about the patents owned by others in your industry to prevent infringement.

Patents carry with them substantial amounts of data and information about the invention and techniques. It is then up to each individual as to how best they can use this information to their advantage. Ideally, this information should be utilised and should lead to bigger and better opportunities, including but not limited to both better profits and further research based on the patent. This continuous research and analysis is imperative to stay ahead of the curve and to identify, quantify and effectuate methods, techniques, and tools for efficient patent analysis and mapping.

K&K has a team of Patent Search-Mapping Analysts, which includes experts from varied technological backgrounds and having advanced educational qualifications. K&K customizes the search strategy for each client based on the underlying objective of conducting the search. Our Search-Mapping and Analysis services include:

Patentability Search

A patent is worthless if it does not fulfil patentability criterions such as Novelty and Non-obviousness. Conducting Patent Search-Mapping can help identify, search, and analyse patent- related data, which can help the inventor/representative understand the probability of getting a patent. We keep ourselves abreast with the recent changes, with an effort to establish a clearer concept of ‘obviousness’ and ‘novelty’, and base our Search Strategies reflecting such changes.

In today’s global landscape, organizations recognize the importance of innovation as a critical factor for success and growth. Consequently, patent searching has emerged as a vital tool for these organizations. To maintain a competitive advantage, organizations continually refine their roadmaps based on various factors, with patent searching playing a strategic role in providing valuable insights. As a result, patent searching has become an integral component of their overall strategic approach.

Freedom to Operate Search

Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis involves assessing whether a particular product, technology, or invention might potentially violate the patent claims of others. The primary objective of conducting an FTO analysis is to provide the client, whether it be an individual inventor or a company, with a comprehensive list of patents that their product or technology could potentially infringe upon. Freedom to Operate Searches offer a unique and specialised Product-to-Patent Mapping. This also encompasses Searching Active/Live Patents that may overlap with the Key Features of your or any other desired process or product. Our team at K&K holds proven competence in conducting such FTO Searches and delivering relevant results with an exclusive section for Key Feature Mapping.

Infringement and Invalidation Search and Analysis

Infringement searches and post-grant searches are carried out to best ensure that nobody makes, sells or uses your patented inventions that are still actively patented. While, Invalidation searches are conducted to sieve out documents that may challenge validity of a patent, in cases where these documents were not uncovered at the stage of Prior Art Search at the Patent Office. This search is thus conducted to ensure that a non-terminated patent is still completely valid.

Infringement searches are post grant searches conducted to make sure that nobody without your consent makes, uses, or sells your non-terminated patented invention. Invalidation searches, on the other hand, aim at finding documents that challenge the validity of a patent, where such documents were not found at the prior art search performed at the patent office. Therefore, validity search is conducted to determine whether a non-terminated patent is valid. We at K&K realise the importance of patents for making and running a commercially viable business and aim to undertake numerous Patent Validity projects to maximise the enforceability of the concerned patents.

Our services include:

  • Drafting Infringement Analysis Reports built upon detailed infringement searches
  • Drafting Invalidation Analysis Reports built upon detailed patent validation searches
  • Proposing and partnering in the development of the right IP strategy based on the infringement and invalidation searches

Patent Portfolio Watch

IP Portfolio Watch and Management has grown to become an imperative facet of competitive global commerce. It can enable a 360° analysis and understanding of the technologies, patents, and market strategies in a dynamic market. A well-structured patent portfolio watch can help better prepare an organisation to take on market challenges head-on and resurface victorious. Having an iron-clad patent portfolio can greatly affect the balance sheet of the company. K&K, with expert skill and experience, helps you in recognising what you have and can guide you in maximising your returns.

Our services in this vertical include:

  • Identifying Intellectual Property assets of the corporation
  • Assembling the IP assets as identified
  • Preparing frameworks around multiple patent portfolios to assist in efficient extraction, maintenance, and interpretation of IP assets
  • Drafting readily understandable, meaningful Patent Portfolio Reports

Patent Technology Assessment and Landscaping

Patent Technology Assessment and Landscaping is crucial to assess and understand the technology and to make the technology pragmatic and best suited for the prevailing market conditions. Landscaping analysis has helped our clients to strategically analyse their tech and to gauge its product potential. This analysis also goes a long way to fathom the various market competitors in the domain, their IP portfolio and the likelihood of overlap between their patented technology and our clients’. We at K&K are armed with an expert team of patent analysts well equipped to indulge in rigorous data mining, data visualization and data analysis for our clients, and to guide our clients towards a landscape to maximise their investment in the competitive and agile technology marker.

Our services include:

  • Drafting of Technology and Landscape Analysis Reports (LAR) as per the technology and concurrent market trends
  • Proposing developments and an IP strategy based on the LAR
  • Partnering on and in the proposed developments and IP strategy
  • Guide our clients to develop future R&D strategies based on the products and competitor analysis