IP Patent Research & Analytics

Licensing Studies

IIPRD is among the leading IP Consulting Firms in India and is also the Sister-Concern of Khurana & Khurana, IP Attorneys. Because of IIPRD’s strong and acute focus on IP Commercialization and Licensing Issues and having been a part of numerous Out-Licensing deals, IIPRD provides extensive services including both In-Licensing & Out-Licensing Studies, which encompass doing a detailed technical and commercial evaluation of the technology vis-a-via the market potential of the technology, competing products, pricing strategies, potential licensees, strength of Patent protection, coverage and enforceability of the concerned patent among other commercial and technical issues, which help present a Best-Fit Strategy to suit the Client’s needs.

Market Survey

IIPRD, through its team of MBA’s, Accountants and Technical Subject Matter Experts (TSME’s), provide a unique combination of research analysts who provide comprehensive market and revenue analysis reports on companies/ products/ technologies as per client requirement. Such reports help the Clients in identifying key competitors, emerging players/products, markets covered by a particular technology, etc. The revenue analysis reports provide a complete detailed analysis of a company’s performance and assists clients in determining licensing revenue, royalty, litigation cost and more. Furthermore, IIPRD, through an access of multiple paid and technology specific databases, is able to retreive and present the most relevant data.

Competitive Intelligence

IIPRD provides comprehensive Competitive Intelligence services to track a Competitor in terms of the Patents published or granted, recent Business Developments, Market Research among other client defined parameters. IIPRD’s Analysts are well versed with the nuances of Technology, Marketing, and Finance and are best suited to conduct such an exercise and represent information in a manner that is visually easily comprehensible by the client.

Market Research/ Analytics

IIPRD provides the complete range of services and solutions relating to Market Research and Analytics to Corporates and Consulting Firms around the globe. IIPRD has the requisite skill set to analyze the problem statement and execute its research projects based on the identified problem and attempt to get only the data relevant to solution of such a problem. IIPRD has the experience  in deriving maximum value from research by providing comprehensive market and revenue analysis reports on companies/products/technologies. Market research plays a vital role in Intellectual Property Matters such as Licensing, Technology Transfer, and Litigation. Such reports help the Client/Attorney in identifying the key competitors, emerging players/products, market covered by a particular technology, among other desired information. We combine a client-focused approach with robust project management to offer a unique experience to our clients. We can provide Reports in syndicated formats or which can be customized to include the key elements that clients prefer to have analyzed as part of their research objectives.