Advisories And Opinions


Having a right IP Creation, Protection, and Commercialization Strategy is as important as having a strong IP backing the inherent technology, brand, or creative work. A mismatch between the two can disturb the entire equation leading to development of an unenforceable IP, which also has low commercial viability and hence low valuation. Therefore, having a robust IP Portfolio Strategy, which integrates technology/creative work/brand involved with one’s business objectives and commercial market space requirements, is extremely crucial. IP Advisory and Opinions therefore are extremely crucial and lay the much desired foundation for a Corporate to strategize each step in the IP Portfolio Creation, Protection, Management, and Enforcement Activities.

Khurana & Khurana assists Corporates in maximizing opportunities from their IP portfolios through accurate legal opinions that ensure that all possible ways to solve a problem are identified and due-diligence of each way is put across in the right manner such that the client can take a judicious call on the way to proceed forward. K&K renders Prior art, Freedom to Operate, Validity, and Non-infringement opinions relating to a client’s products and technologies. K&K also prepares a comprehensive IP Litigation Strategy before initiating with a legal suit to ensure that the clients understands the next steps clearly, sets its expectations, and is cognizant of the costs involved in the process.

Lastly, IP advisory and opinions also include complete due diligence of client’s IP portfolio and analysis of potential threats that the Corporate might face in its efforts of protecting and enforcing the portfolio. Focused risk assessment can help client’s take an informed decision on complex matters concerning protection and litigation of their IP rights in multiple geographies. They say it correctly “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, and this saying explains the entire intent of this service vertical.