Due-Diligence Services


With IP being an integral part of any Corporate’s business strategy, an evaluation of a company’s legal position with respect to its Intellectual Property Rights is a must and a pre-requisite before any strategic action such Mergers, Acquisition, Portfolio Purchase/Sale is undertaken. IP Due-Diligence not only involves the valuation of existing Patent Portfolio but more importantly includes focus on the inherent value of the IP keeping in perspective competing and substitute products, competitor’s portfolios, market needs, pricing and positioning aspects, among other parameters.

Corporate’s and Institutes considering Out-Licensing of IP need to have a thorough understanding of the value and risks associated with the transfer of Intellectual Property. Only this understanding can help them approach the right set of potential licensees and showcase the value addition to their IP portfolio. Similarly, companies involved in IP litigation, need to evaluate the consequences of each step taken during the course of litigation and accordingly take an informed decision that matches their expectations as regards the risk involved and the corresponding return expected.

K&K assists clients in structuring their IP through comprehensive due diligence. Most of our clients require us to manage IP that K&K evaluates during its due-diligence exercises and fill the gaps identified during the study. Our clients trust the knowledge and experience that K&K brings on board to help them make informed investment and litigation decisions and optimize licensing and technology transfer deals. Our attorneys and agents bring technical backgrounds in many of today’s cutting-edge technologies and possess advanced science degrees across technology domains to conduct an efficient and targeted due diligence processed.