Labour Law Practice

India has a very detailed and complex labour law regime, however, even after seven decades of getting independence, India is plagued with victimization and non-compliance of labour legislations at large. With the Government, time and again, laying down,  implementing policies/programs/schemes/projects for providing social security, welfare measures, regulating conditions of work, occupational health, the safety of workers, eliminating child labour from hazardous occupations, and strengthening enforcement of labour law, etc. The said policies and laws have made compliance with Labour Laws an arduous task at hand. The complexities and the unawareness of labour laws have often wearied an enterprise by persistent Litigation, penalties, and Fines for Non – Compliance.

labour law firmAt Khurana & Khurana we provide specific services related to personnel management, human resources (HR), labour, and industrial relations/disputes in general. Khurana and Khurana with its expert Legal Compliance team have time and again prevented the impact of the Labour Law violations by providing sound advisory in relation to rules, policies, and procedures connected with Labour Law. Khurana & Khurana is a one-stop solution for labor-related legal problems, difficulties, and disputes. Our compliance team helps the clients understand the impact of non-compliance and thus helps reduce all kinds of labour disputes. Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who have not only concentrated their expertise in developing a compliance team but have also acquired extensive experience in Labour Litigation before various forums such as Labour Commissioners/Labour Tribunals and Civil Courts over the span of ten years.

Khurana & Khurana has further devised a mechanism for systematic scrutiny of records prescribed under labour legislation through its lawyers, who help in keeping commercial establishments in strict compliance with labour legislation which, in turn, reduces or even eliminates penalties/damages/fines/ that may be imposed by the government; the Due – Diligence activities conducted by Khurana and Khurana helps in Labour Co-operation, better understanding which improves labour relations working together. The so-called compliance/due diligence assistance helps in establishing a congenial atmosphere for good corporate governance, and also helps in preventing elements like strikes, lockouts from seeping in into the commercial establishment and thus indirectly benefits the Government at large.

Practice Contacts

Rajat Sabu
(Senior Associate – Litigation)

Vibhor Gupta
(Senior Associate – Litigation)