Infringement Of Intellectual Property Rights


Intellectual Property Infringement LawyerIntellectual property is a valuable asset to every corporation and individual. Today, the threat of intellectual property infringement is increasing with each passing day. Infringers are taking advantage of the IP owner’s hard work by re-creating a duplicate version of the authentic intellectual property. It is a well-known fact that intellectual property litigation is one of the most expensive types of litigation to defend, in particular litigation concerning Patents. Thus, K&K provides pocket-friendly solutions. Having its core focus on IP Protection and Enforcement has the necessary capabilities and competence to take responsibility from Corporates/IP Owners for all IP litigation matters and ensures high commitment levels for every type of IP Contentious Matter and helps devise a result-oriented strategy, which brings clarity to the client and objectivity to our efforts.


Khurana & Khurana has a legacy of over ten years in Patent Litigation and serves some of the leading Corporates for IP infringement matters. Our experience includes finding the potential infringers for the IP owners through due diligence and assessing the market for the same. For doing this, our firm has Patent/Trade Mark Attorneys/Practitioners who have advanced qualifications in varied technology domains and understand complete nuances of claim mapping and provisions of enforcement under different IP Laws. In case, based on our due diligence, we find out that one or more potential parties are infringing the subject IP, we take all necessary legal steps to restrain such unauthorized use of the IP and either to reach out for out of court settlement or to sue the parties before the court.

Our Approach

We have highly experienced Patent attorneys to perform infringement analysis. We help the patent owners in identifying potential infringers and advise clients on the same with due evidence and support. Based on the client’s advice and Infringer’s move on the matter, we take up legal proceedings accordingly in the applicable jurisdiction. Appropriate and timely legal notices are issued to restrain and get to an amicable conclusion. K&K also works with in-house patent attorneys, partly (doing only the Infringement analysis and claim mapping) or completely (for the entire cycle of Infringement and initiating legal proceedings against the potential infringer).