Commercial Law Practice

Commercial law governs the broad areas of business, commerce and consumer transactions. Commercial law in India has developed rapidly over the years with the opening up approach towards FDI and WTO. It allows, so far as it can, Corporate or person to do business in the way they want and not require them to stick to forms that they may think to be outmoded. Thus, Commercial Law Practice is recognized as a very important and integral element of any corporate operation, and is gaining more and more importance.In this era of globalisation, sweeping changes in business strategies require Corporates to meet challenge of complying with commercial contract law for the smooth functioning of its business and commerce. Lack of understanding of Commercial Law Practices in this fast growing area may entangle an orgnaization in unnecessary legal hurdles, which may also prove to be very costly in terms of finances, time and lost business opportunities.

Therefore Khurana and Khurana, through its dedicated team with specialisation inInternational Sales, Commercial Agency, Confidentiality, Distributorship, Contracting, Model Subcontract, Technology Transfer, Trademark Licensing and Turnkey Transactions inter alia,provide clients with end-to-end solutions and all necessary and timely support in order to comply with the legal formalities for commencing their operations/ concluding their deals and at all times ensuring that their business interests are always safeguarded.