Litigation Support


The business management world over has undergone sweeping changes over the last few years. These changes have been heavily leveraged by IP, which has become the core area for any growth of any corporate. At the same time, the scope and definition of intellectual property is expanding with the growth of International Trade & Globalization of economic activities. In fact IP has emerged as the ‘Low Investment Growth Mantra’ and therefore, needs a clear understanding. Khurana & Khurana (K & K) has been established precisely to assist the business houses in strategizing the growth by leveraging IPR’s through Creation, Promotion, Protection, and Commercialisation of Intellectual Properties. Khurana and Khurana has a legacy of about five years and has a team of experts from each IP field that undertakes its activities in three broad categories to be single point destination for all IP needs.


Khurana and Khurana has a legacy of over five years in Patent Litigation Support Services and serves some of the leading Corporates across the globe for complete Patent and IP litigation Support Matters. Khurana & Khurana has a strong and dedicated team of Patent Attorneys and Practitioners, wherein these Practitioners have a broad range of experience working with Leading Patent Attorneys and In-house IP Counsels. Khurana & Khurana primary service verticals fall in the following domains:

  • Litigation Support Services to Patent and Trade Mark In-house Counsels.
  • Assisting clients in strategizing the IP Litigations, identifying potential issues and areas of concern, evaluating risks, defining budget of the taking forward the litigation to a logical conclusion.
  • Experience working as Counsel for many Patent litigation matters for our corporate clients.
  • Advising clients by dynamically evaluating multiple strategic dispute resolution routes on a case by case basis for the multinational corporates.
  • Conducting case law research, preparing and responding to legal notices, preparing plaints and taking on the complete litigation.

Our Approach

We at Khurana and Khurana work with each client independently so as to customize the service based on the client’s requirements and expectations. Our complete focus while executing each project is on ensuring consistent quality standards along with maintaining quick turn-around times. Access to all major Patent and Non-Patent Databases allows the firm to undertake projects that relate to complex Sequence or Structure searches to Non-Patent Literature Searches for Integrated Circuit Layouts and or Semiconductor/Timing Circuits based technologies. Also access to all major Indian Legal Databases allows K&K Attorneys to keep abreast with all recent case laws and use them effectively at opportune times. The firm has all desired security practices and policies in place to maintain and retain all confidential data. Our firm follows complete flow cycle of a typical Law Firm that it supports and works under strict SLA’s to ensure seamless support and uptime to all Attorneys. Our firm strictly engages in Requirement Gathering -> Evaluation and Scope Assessment -> Execution and Peer Review -> Preparation and Sending of Final Deliverable process for each project to ensure the desired value proposition and consistency of results.