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Your use

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The material provided by you

You agree to ensure that all material you send or upload to this website (including, but not limited to, e-mails,  graphic files, still or moving, or responses to any questionnaire available through this website) (“your material”) is legal, not offensive, decent and truthful, complies with all laws and regulations, does not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights or other rights of us or any third party, is not defamatory, unreliable or misleading or otherwise objectionable and is free of bugs, worms or viruses.

You are solely responsible for your material. If we consider that any part of your material exposes us to the risk of a claim or complaint by a third party, we may block access to all or part of this website and remove all or part of your material. You must provide all reasonable assistance in this respect.
You agree not to use this website to advertise or sell any goods or services to other users of this website. You agree not to publish any information or personal data relating to a third party in your material.

The material provided by third parties

Certain professional firms (“other professional firms”), typically (but not limited to) those in countries where Khurana & Khurana does not have an office, may have provided certain website content (“other professional firm content”), has granted us permission to reproduce their material on this website.  Where any such other professional firm is identified on this website in relation to specific content, either on an item by item basis or in general terms, for example, by reference to material related to a specific country then each such other professional firm is alone responsible for such other professional firm content, and Khurana & Khurana does \not have any responsibility in respect of it, except to the extent that such exclusion is prohibited by law – see below.

Nothing in this website is to be taken to constitute a partnership between any such other professional firm and Khurana & Khurana, nor constitute either such other professional firm or Khurana & Khuranathe agent of the other for any purpose.

Intellectual property rights

We (or our suppliers or third parties who have granted us permission to reproduce their material on this website) own all Intellectual Property Rights in the website content.  Nothing in the Legal Notices gives you any right, title, or interest in the website content or this website and you do not acquire any such right, title, or interest through your use of the website. If you need a third party to use this website, you agree to obtain a license that at your own expense or that of your employer.  Please also read the Copyright and Reproduction Notices which apply to the website content.

No guarantee or warranties

We cannot guarantee that this website will operate in accordance with your expectations or will be error-free. We may update this website from time to time and we reserve the right to modify, restrict access to or close this website at any time.
We give no express or implied representation or warranty (whether statutory or otherwise) in respect of this website or the website content (including, without limitation, as to their condition, satisfactory quality, performance, fitness for purpose, or that it is up to date) and all such representations and warranties are excluded, except to the extent that their exclusion is prohibited by law – see below.

Disclaimer of liability

If you have a specific legal question you should address it with one of our lawyers. This site is for information purposes and is not an advertisement. Nothing on this site constitutes a binding offer to give any legal advice or perform any other service in any jurisdiction. Nor does any person accessing, or acting on, our website content of itself imply any duty of care being assumed in any jurisdiction on the part of Khurana & Khurana toward such person, or any other duty of the kind owed by a law firm to its clients. Khurana & Khuranadisclaims all liability accordingly.

No unsolicited marketing emails

Email addresses are provided on this website for the purpose of pursuing the business of Khurana & Khurana. By accessing this site you agree not to send unsolicited emails for advertising, market research, or illegal or immoral purposes to the email addresses provided. Unsolicited e-mails to Khurana & Khurana will not be considered confidential, may be disclosed to others, may not receive a response, and do not create a lawyer-client relationship with Khurana & Khurana.

Exercise of rights

Our rights under these terms of use and other pages of the Legal Notices:

  • may be exercised as often as necessary;
  • are cumulative and not exclusive of rights or remedies provided by law; and
  • may be waived only in writing and specifically.

Delay in the exercise or non-exercise of any such right is not a waiver of that right. A failure by you or us to enforce a provision of the Legal Notices or a breach of a provision by the other or default by the other in performing a provision does not constitute a waiver and does not prevent you or us from subsequently enforcing that provision or from acting on such breach or a subsequent breach of the provision by the other party or default by the other party in performing that provision.


If a provision of these terms of use or of another page of the Legal Notices is or becomes illegal, invalid, or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that does not affect:

  • the legality, validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of these terms of use or of another page of the Legal Notices; or
  • the legality, validity, or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of these terms of use or of another page of the Legal Notices.

No partnership or agency

Nothing in the Legal Notices is to be taken to constitute a partnership between you and us, nor constitute either of you or us the agent of the other for any purpose.

Governing law

Any dispute or claim between you and Khurana & Khurana arising out of or in connection with this website or its subject matter (whether allegedly contractual or non-contractual disputes and claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian law. Users of this website do so on the basis that they thereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts for the purpose of any such dispute or claim.

Refunds and Cancellations

All fees have to be paid upfront before availing of any paid service at www.khuranaandkhurana.com.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation of any paid service for which payment has been successfully made and an invoice number has been generated, and the service has not been concluded/provided due to any avoidable/unavoidable reason(s) from the Professional, we must be notified of the same in writing – by an email at info@khuranaandkhurana.com.
Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive your email. Cancellation can be requested no later than three days before the final delivery date. In case the cancellation request is made within three days period before the delivery date, the User will not be able to cancel the mandate and no refund of money shall be awarded.

Refund Policy

In the event that your service request is accepted, but post-payment, due to unexpected and extenuating circumstances, your request for service is rejected by K&K or canceled by you; you will be given an option of opting for another request for service OR will be offered a complete refund, as you desire. You will receive a complete refund within fifteen (15) business days, only if our Dispute Resolution team finds that the Professional has not provided the Service you have paid for.

In case your credit card/debit card/payment account has been accidentally over-charged, please notify us at info@khuranaandkhurana.com, of the same at the earliest. We will refund the outstanding amount to your Payment Account within fifteen (15) working days. It is mandatory for the users to maintain unique Confirmation/Reference and Transaction ID numbers, which would be provided at the time of placing a request. This number would be required to address any problems if any.