Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment law encompasses various fields including Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Law, Information Technology, Broadcasting and Telecommunications. With the advent of technology, the entertainment industry has grown leaps and bounds engaging diverse aspects and thereby attracting myriad issues. Today, the entertainment industry disseminates content on a wide variety of platforms, which include television, radio, social media, online streaming amongst others. Due to this, the structure and components of Media & Entertainment industry have gone through a tremendous transformation.

With our interdisciplinary expertise in Media and Entertainment Law, we, at Khurana & Khurana Advocates & IP Attorneys offer end to end legal services ranging from Copyright protection, legal advisory, agreement drafting and ratification, negotiation & deal closing, anti-piracy enforcements among other in media related matters, which can be indicatively elaborated vide the below list:

1. Agreement Drafting and Vetting:

The foundation of all successful business activities in the Entertainment industry are strong agreements. Our team at K&K have keen understanding of the commercial relationships in the industry and ensure that all our clients’ rights are protected from all angles. We draft comprehensive and conclusive agreements inter alia on:

(A) Co-production agreements
(B) Broadcasting contract;
(C) Film rights agreement;
(D) Songwriter agreement;
(E) Artist agreement;
(F) Digital Marketing Agreement
(G) Distribution agreement;
(H) Synchronization agreement;
(I) Talent release agreement;
(J) Vendor agreements;
(K) Recording agreement;
(L) Trademark and copyright licence agreement amongst others.

2. Anti Piracy enforcement services: Piracy is one of the rampant issues faced by the entertainment industry today. The media and entertainment industry suffers huge losses from substantial amount of online and on ground piracy. We at K&K understand these concerns and provide both online and on ground anti piracy enforcement services by:

(A) Anti piracy due diligence;
(B) Online anti piracy services :

  • Advisory on Digital Rights Management;
  • Website checks to detect online piracy;
  • Detecting infringing torrent websites;
  • Legal notice to Internet Service Providers to block infringing content;
  • Court proceedings including securing John Doe/Ashok Kumar orders.

(C) On ground anti piracy services:

  • Checks and raids of illegal distributors;
  • Collect illegal copies of copyrighted work and dispose off/return to owner;
  • Coordination with local police/law enforcement/customs for enforcement;
  • Court proceedings for John Doe orders.

 3. Copyright: The cornerstone of the media and entertainment industry is copyrights. We at K&K assist our clients in all aspects related to copyright by:

(A) Filing of copyrights;
(B) Overall advisory on all kinds of marketable copyrights;
(C) IP due diligence;
(D) Sending cease & desist/legal notices;
(E) Court proceedings for infringement.

4. Other allied services:
(A) Structuring film financing;
(B) Negotiating deals for production houses;
(C) Format licensing;
(D) Monitoring online streaming to ensure compliance to agreements;
(E) Negotiating deals with film distributors and multiplexes/cinema houses;
(F) Negotiating deals with DTH providers.

Practice Contacts

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