Banking Practice

India’s financial sector has been one of the key drivers in India’s efforts to achieve success in rapidly developing its economy. Keeping in view the objectives with which the SARFESI Act was enacted, the Banking industry in India is progressively complying with the international prudential norms and accounting practices, however there are still certain areas in which the Banking and Financial Sector do not have a level playing field as compared to other participants in the financial markets in the world. However, it seems that as of late, India has been successfully able to draft laws that enable Banks and Financial Institutions to realize long–term assets, manage limitations in liquidity and asset-liability mismatches, and even also aim to improve recovery by taking possession of securities and reduce non-performing assets by adopting recovery measures for recovery or reconstruction.

In light of the current economic scenario, Khurana and Khurana excel at offering a comprehensive service portfolio to the lenders, borrowers, advisors, and other intermediaries. Our clients include major banks, business corporations, financial institutions, and NBFCs. We handle the entire spectrum of banking and finance related services including due diligence, structuring transactions, term sheets and transactional documents, drafting and negotiations, advising as per the regulatory framework and associated transactions.

We at Khurana and Khurana are engaged in advising both Indian and international banks and financial institutions. We assist and advice on transactions, perform drafting and vetting of Transaction/Financing Documents including but not limited to loan, security, trustee and inter-creditor agreements; deeds of guarantee, mortgage, hypothecation, pledge, assignment, trust; and retention account agreements, escrow agreements, and other related documents.

In addition to aforesaid corporate services, Khurana and Khurana excels at representing our clients in proceedings under the banking and finance laws in all tribunals, forums or courts.

Practice Contacts

Chhavi Pandey
(Principal Associate – Litigation)

Rama Raman
(Associate – Litigation)