Fashion Law

Textile sector has been a major contributor to India’s growth story and fashion industry had a key role to play in this journey. Fashion industry not just showcases works of Indian designers to the world but also caters a large and diverse market domestically. Thus one of the chief concerns of the fashion fraternity is protecting IP rights of their works, those have been produced after rigorous intellectual labour.

The industry has majorly relied on protecting copyright of their original works, However this may not be enough for full commercial exploitation of the design or art work. One must protect their designs under the Designs Act and seek appropriate remedy for design piracy and knock off ,the most common problems fashion industry has been facing today. We have been advising clients from the industry on range of legal issues these includes obtaining  trademark protection for various brands and enforcing various contractual agreements .

Khurana and Khurana as a  firm have been representing major fashion labels and retail outlets from the industry in different litigation disputes including aspects of counterfeiting actions and infringement suits. Also we have proactive to educate start-ups and students with respect to scope and limitations of protecting IP rights in the fashion industry.

Khurana and Khurana also advises clients from fashion industry on other related aspects as well, these include preparing merchandising agreements, celebrity endorsements, brand management , advertising and advising clients on enforcement of various labour and taxation laws related to the industry.