Intellectual Property Office Singapore (IPOS) wins Architecture Excellence Award in “Business Architecture”

On July 13, 2017 [1], the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore was declared the winner of the Architecture Excellence Award in the “Business Architecture” category at the Architecture Excellence Awards Night held at Sydney, Australia. The award was presented by iCMG International Award certificates and prizes were given to the winners during the dinner gathering on July 13th during Architecture World Summit 2017, Sydney Australia [2].

Evaluation process for these Awards:

There were multiple rounds for evaluating the winners for different categories. Through every round of competition, the Jury was assigned applications in the area of their individual interest and expertise, so that the applications always evaluated by people who appreciate and understand the type of architecture work that the applicants for the awards have done. The whole evaluation process has been described below [3]:

Round 1

In the first round of competition, submission was reviewed by the core committee. The applications which were qualified on the initial criteria were moved to the next round.

Round 2

In the second round of the competition the qualified applications from the first round were reviewed by the members of the Jury independently. Their scores given by the judges determined the finalists in each category.

Round 3

In this round of the competition, top three finalists in each category were identified based on the combined scores of the jury members.

Round 4

In this round of the completion a video interaction took place between the jury members and business leaders from the finalists. After all the rounds the combined scores of jury members determined the Winners in each category.

There were multiple categories in which awards were given in the Architecture Excellence Awards organized by ICMG International. ‘Business Architecture’ was the category of which IPOS was the winner [4]. As stated in the press release by IPOS [1], this award recognizes architects and enterprises whose work demonstrates a combination of talent, vision and workmanship in creating successful and enduring systems and enterprises. It also serves to highlight remarkable projects and best practices to the global audience. IPOS was recognized for its achievements in re-engineering its business services, information, timing cycle and stakeholders for achieving business goals. This attests to IPOS’ commitment to be an innovation agency that uses its IP expertise and networks to help local and foreign enterprises commercialize their ideas and intellectual property, from Singapore and through Singapore into the world. This award has become a global benchmark of excellence for leading companies from USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America that have participated in this competition.

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