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Consumer Protection Bill, 2018 ( Highlights and Analysis)

A Critical Approach to the Proposed Consumer Protection Bill With the growth of internet and advent of a global economy, the world has become one big marketplace and all of us are ‘consumers’ in some sense or the other. The definition of the term “consumer” has also shifted drastically and we have entered into an … Continue reading Consumer Protection Bill, 2018 ( Highlights and Analysis)

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Comparative Advertisement: A Perspective

Ms. Sakshi Jhalani, Intern, Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys looks into the fundamentals of Comparative Advertisement vis-avis Trade Mark Rights in India. Advertising is indeed a crucial step in determining future of any product. It is the most successful and proven way to attract the attention of the potential consumers in the market. … Continue reading Comparative Advertisement: A Perspective

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