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Draft Designs(Amendment) 2019

The Designs Act, 2000, is introduced with an object to protect and safeguard the original design of an article with the aim to reward the innovator for research and labour applied by him for the purpose to originate or evolve such a new and original industrial design.These industrial designs of the innovator, subject to the … Continue reading Draft Designs(Amendment) 2019

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Impact of Aadhar Verdict

“This has been the longest hearing before the apex court, second only to the hearing in the Kesavananda Bharti case” – Attorney General K. K. Venugopal.” End to an another landmark litigation, the Supreme Court of India on 26th September 2018 pronounced its judgment in a petition challenging the constitutional validity of Aadhar (Targeted Delivery … Continue reading Impact of Aadhar Verdict

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Removal from Trademarks Register Due to Non-Use

Is using and/or commercializing a registered Trade Mark really necessary in India or is simply sitting over it and renewing the same periodically enough to maintain the mark and gain from the protection it accords. Poorva Khandekar, an intern at Khurana & Khurana and 4’th year law student from KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar explores the … Continue reading Removal from Trademarks Register Due to Non-Use

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