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Microorganisms and the Indian Patents Scenario

Introduction: A microorganism is a microscopic organism, known to be one of the earliest life forms on earth. Viruses, fungi, bacteria, archaea, protozoa and algae are the six major forms of microorganisms, exploited expeditiously by the biotechnologists and micro-biologists for research purposes. From beer brewing, bread making to mass production of antibiotics, microorganisms is used … Continue reading Microorganisms and the Indian Patents Scenario

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Monsanto V. Nuziveedu

Monsanto Technology LLC Thru the Authorised Representative Ms. Natalia Voruz & Others (Appellants) v. Nuziveedu Seeds LTD. Thru the Director & Others (Respondents) Decided on January 8, 2019 in the Supreme Court of India. Facts: Monsanto entered into a sublicense agreement dated 21.02.2004 with Nuziveedu for 10 years. The agreement was extended and was ultimately … Continue reading Monsanto V. Nuziveedu

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