T S Sharat

T S Sharat

Sharat is a Patent Attorney with 17 years of experience in Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM) with focus on the entire patent life cycle (invention ideation & review, patent intelligence, patentability assessment, inventor interview, patent drafting, foreign filing decision, patent prosecution, foreign prosecution intelligence, licensing potential analysis, infringement analysis, litigation support etc.).

Sharat’s expertise lies in end-to-end Patent Portfolio Development/Management. He has drafted and prosecuted thousands of patent applications for US, EU, IN jurisdictions in technical domains such as (but limited to): software, client-server arch., home media, consumer electronics, VLSI circuits, image processing, computer memory architecture, 5G communication protocols & standards, computer networks, cloud computing, AI-based technologies, mechatronics, mechanical systems/apparatus/devices, energy and material sciences, etc. He has owned and implemented critical processes for IP departments across geographies for Patent Portfolio Development for fortune 100 companies. He introduced innovative business models for optimum utilization of in-house patent resources and outside counsel resources over a significant scale (# assets >5000) and successfully collaborated with multiple stakeholders to execute such models.

Sharat has trained/mentored numerous patent agents, attorneys, engineers and scientists on patenting, patent drafting & prosecution, claim interpretation, patent law, emerging best practices, etc. He created and led the single largest team in India for drafting and prosecution to deliver high volume prosecution and drafting services (~3000+ US/Global OA responses/year and ~200 patent applications/year) for a Japanese consumer electronics giant (also one of top 5 fliers in US). He has also led multi-million $ engagements with fortune 100 companies for Patent Portfolio Management/Development and achieved IP budget savings of up to 30% while adding value with a unique blend of innovative IP service offerings, trained human capital and disruptive technology tools.

Sharat is very passionate about technology and its use in gaining efficiency and improving quality in IP transactions. As a subject matter expert, he implemented a rare amalgamation of patent expertise and technology (+ data science) in IP Asset management disrupting the patent prosecution space to gain process and spend efficiency of ~25%. He regularly collaborates with Patent attorneys, in-house counsels, Chief Patent counsels, CIPOs, Licensing executives/attorneys, Patent Portfolio managers to formulate and execute IP strategies, aligning IP Asset Management with Business and Strategic imperatives, and achieving CTO/CIPO/CFO goals.

Sharat is the Director of IP and Patent Attorney at Khurana & Khurana (K&K) and of its Patent Research and IP Asset Management Firm, IIPRD. Ranked among the top Patent Prosecution Practitioners in India, Sharat focuses on Patent Portfolio Development & Management, Patent Litigation, Patent Valuation and IP Commercialization for Multinational Companies, Law firms, Start-ups etc in the high-tech domain.