Anti-Counterfeiting Practice


In the recent years, the spread of counterfeit goods has become global.Statistics show that these counterfeit products harm the global economy substantially. Rapid advances in technology and liberalisation of the Indian economy has created an ideal market for people trying to misuse existing brand values that have been cultivated and nurtured over a period of time. Moreover, loss caused by these counterfeit products to a respective brand or client is beyond calculation. If these issues are therefore not properly countered,they may cause permanent damage to the respective brands.Hence, it is pertinent thatwhile investing and growing a brand, brand owners must consider the impact of counterfeiting and develop a global anti-counterfeiting strategy to combat this growing problem to ensure proactive rather than reactive approach.

Attorneys at Khurana & Khurana have developed significant experience in the area of anti-counterfeiting, especially in FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Apparels, Footwear, and Medical Devices product verticals, and can assist in devising a comprehensive strategy for curbing counterfeit products by outlining all possible risks and assumptions and mapping them with costs involved in each step taken so that a judicious and objective step can be taken by the client.

Attorneys at K&K have also been active in initiating criminal actions and getting seizure orders from various Indian courts against individuals and businesses that have manufactured and distributed counterfeits. K&K has also been active in Trade Mark Regsitrations and enforcement at Customs. Our efforts have also secured criminal convictions of many counterfeiters, which has been possible only by having a strong understanding of the procedues involved, experience in handling criminal actions and filing suits in right jurisdictions to get desired order and then enforcing them with assistance of the local police authorities.