Partners / Directors

Tarun Khurana

(Partner and Patent Attorney – Software / Electronics / Mechanical Group)

Tarun has over 20 years of experience in a broad range of Intellectual Property (IP) subject matters, and is the Co-Founding Partner and Patent Attorney of Khurana & Khurana (K&K) and of its Patent Research and IP Asset Management Firm, IIPRD, both of which are among the Leading IP and Commercial Law Practices with 10 Offices in India, and over 220 Professionals. The firms also have regional offices in US, GCC/UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Tarun is ranked among the top Patent Prosecution Practitioners in India by IAM 1000 (and also by IAM 300 Strategists), and focuses on Patent Portfolio Management, Litigation, Valuation and IP Commercialization mandates for numerous Indian and International Corporates ranging from Small Start-ups to Fortune 5 companies including Reliance Jio, Sun Pharma, NATCO, Accenture, Imagination Technologies, Huawei, Indian Oil Corporation, Xiaomi, ABB, ZTE, Fujitsu, Kyocera, SABIC, Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi/Guwahati/Roorkee/Palakkad/Indore/Hyderabad), Emerson, Daimler, Cadence, Airbus, L&T, Glenmark, Simon, IISc, Marico, UPL, Avery Dennison, among many others. Tarun has a strong experience in Patent Drafting in the domain of Computer Networking and has drafted over 5000 applications in aggregate till date, a strong portion of which are based in the Semiconductor, Networking, Engineering, Database, Cloud, E-commerce, Security and Telecom domains.

Tarun focuses on Electronics, Telecom, Computer Implemented, and Mechanical subject matters, and has also worked with Corporates/Institutes across other technical and business domains as well, He has, apart from handling Indian and International Clients for filing and prosecution matters in India, also actively assisted numerous US and European Law and Licensing Firms and Corporates in providing Patent Support Services such as Conducting Patent Searches, Preparing Claim Charts, Preparing Specifications / responses to offices actions, undertaking Landscape/Analytics, E-Discovery Support among other like mandates that IIPRD focuses on. Tarun is well versed with US, EP, and Indian Patent Laws. Tarun has a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering from Pune University, a Masters in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, Bachelors in Law, an MBA from IIM Lucknow, and is in pursuit of his PhD. He also has certifications from IIT Delhi, WIPO, Asian School of Cyber Laws, Indian Law Institute, and International Software Testing Board among many others.

Tarun is also a regular speaker at numerous Institutes and Corporates including International Conferences such as GIPC, WIPF, CII, FICCI, along with at entities such as NTPC, Indian Oil Corporation, IITs, TIFAC, DIT, CSIR, Moserbaer, IIM Lucknow, ASSOCHAM, Managing Intellectual Property (MIP), Indian Oil Corporation, NALSAR, ONGC, Delhi Technical University, and Tata Group Companies among many others.

Meenakshi Khurana

(Partner and Patent Attorney – Pharmaceutical – Life Sciences Practice Group)

Meenakshi is a Partner and Patent Attorney at Khurana & Khurana and IIPRD with over 18 years of experience in patents. She engages herself in patent application preparation, prosecution, patent infringement and validity opinion practice, FTO, patent licensing studies, and counseling clients in devising global patent strategies. Her main areas of specialization are pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology arts including small molecules, new chemical entities, pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery technologies, crystalline forms, stereoisomers, organic and inorganic chemistry, peptide chemistry, biochemistry and various biotechnology related subject matters. She began her career in patents in 2005 with Panacea Biotech Ltd. in its New Drug Discovery R&D Group and focused on handling Patent Matters ranging from Patent Drafting, Searching, Designing Around strategies, to devising strategies for Patent Filing/Prosecution. Meenakshi is a Registered Patent Agent admitted to practice before the Indian Patent Office. She has a degree of B.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) and M.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) from Punjab University. She holds one year Post Graduate Diploma in Patents Law from NALSAR University and a couple of IP certifications from WIPO. She is also a holder of a degree of Bachelor of Laws. Meenakshi is a member of APAA and ABLE.

Abhishek Pandurangi

(Partner and Patent Attorney – Pharmaceutical – Life Sciences Practice Group)

Abhishek is a Partner and an ardent promoter and believer of IPR, and has worked in different areas of IPR over a stretch of 15 years as an IP practitioner, entrepreneur, legal expert and a trainer. Abhishek has dealt with various types of IPR matters including Patent Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Prosecution, Patent Commercialization, Trademark Litigation, Domain Name Dispute Resolution with UDRP, Copyright and Database Infringement Counselling. He started his stint in Intellectual Property with Evalueserve where he worked with several multinationals on their IPR projects, after which he joined Netscribes India to develop their in-house IP team. In 2010 he decided to take a plunge and started his own IPR solutions firm closer2patents, which supported over 300 clients in 16 countries having completed over 1000 IPR projects, and is now a part of Khurana & Khurana after a strategic acquisition, making Abhishek a partner and head of Mumbai office of Khurana & Khurana. He also undertakes several IP training & awareness programs at colleges, NGOS and government institutes and is a faculty for IPR at The ICS, Thane of India & MSME Institute, and in his quest to strengthen the IP ecosystem has made submissions to the Governments of India & Japan. He has the distinction of being invited consecutively for the President of India’s National awards for his patent pending inventions. In terms of qualification, he is a B.Tech-Chemical from UDCT and a practicing lawyer and a registered patent agent.

Mohinder Vig

(Partner and Head – Trade Marks, Copyright, Media & Entertainment)

Mr. Vig is a Partner and Senior Trade Mark Attorney with over 35 years of experience. Mr. Vig specializes in all aspects of Trade Mark Law with focus on Clearance Searches, Opinions, and Prosecuting TM Applications. Mr. Vig has worked with more than 5000 Corporates in India and represented them for Litigation and Opposition cases across TM Offices. Mr. Vig has also worked extensively on advising, negotiating, drafting, vetting and structuring various agreements including media & entertainment work, handling contentious copyright issues etc. Mr. Vig along with other senior associates and associates has handled licensing, acquisition, assignment, distribution, co-production of films, music and various other agreements for media & entertainment clients (films and television). He has represented various clients in IP matters and also handles filing and pursuing applications of copyright registration. He with his rich experience is one of the most important persons in the firm for strategic advice in all legal aspects with respect to media & entertainment including overseas film distribution. Mr. Vig also works with Attorneys that form part of the Worldwide Associate Network of the firm for prosecuting TM Applications for Indian clients overseas. Mr. Vig drafts all responses to office actions and also consults Foreign Attorneys on Trade Mark issues. Mr.Vig has a B.Com from Delhi University followed by an LLB from Delhi University and practices Litigation at the Bar Council of Delhi.

P Suman

(Partner and Head – Trade Marks, Copyright, Media & Entertainment)

Mr. Suman is a Partner at Khurana & Khurana and IIPRD. He practice at Khurana & Khurana focuses on all aspects of Trademark and Copyright. He specifically handles Legal Drafting in Opposition Matters, Responses to Examination Reports, Counter Statements, Evidences in TM opposition proceedings, Cease and desist notices, Contracts and agreements and conducting searches of overseas TM registers and providing use and registrability opinions. He also prepares legal responses to office actions from WIPO and USPTO. He has also handled hearing at TM registry India. He also provides Legal advice on registration and protection of trademarks in multiple jurisdictions.

Rajesh Jain

(Director – Patents)

Rajesh is Director at Khurana & Khurana and IIPRD. He is a graduate in mechanical engineering from IIT Kanpur with 44 years of experience of working in Indian Ordnance Factories, wherein, his job responsibilities involved handling technology related matters like technology transfer, technology assimilation, documentation, product design and development, their trials and production-including selection of production technologies, setting up facilities culminating in production. He has worked on varied products and production technologies in the field of automobiles, bullet proof vehicles, small arms, battle tanks and infantry combat vehicles-including their engines, transmission, armour and armament, vision devices-passive as well as thermal, laser range finders, etc. Currently, at K&K, Rajesh focuses on handling Patentability, Patent invalidation, FTO studies and analyses, technology/patent landscape analysis, drafting patent applications, due diligence studies and preparing responses to office actions for a number of clients in Engineering, Automotive and allied industries.

T S Sharat

(Partner & Patent Attorney – Software/Electronics/Mechanical Group)

Sharat is a Patent Attorney with 17 years of experience in Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM) with focus on the entire patent life cycle (invention ideation & review, patent intelligence, patentability assessment, inventor interview, patent drafting, foreign filing decision, patent prosecution, foreign prosecution intelligence, licensing potential analysis, infringement analysis, litigation support etc.).

Sharat’s expertise lies in end-to-end Patent Portfolio Development/Management. He has drafted and prosecuted thousands of patent applications for US, EU, IN jurisdictions in technical domains such as (but limited to): software, client-server arch., home media, consumer electronics, VLSI circuits, image processing, computer memory architecture, 5G communication protocols & standards, computer networks, cloud computing, AI-based technologies, mechatronics, mechanical systems/apparatus/devices, energy and material sciences, etc. He has owned and implemented critical processes for IP departments across geographies for Patent Portfolio Development for fortune 100 companies. He introduced innovative business models for optimum utilization of in-house patent resources and outside counsel resources over a significant scale (# assets >5000) and successfully collaborated with multiple stakeholders to execute such models.

Sharat has trained/mentored numerous patent agents, attorneys, engineers and scientists on patenting, patent drafting & prosecution, claim interpretation, patent law, emerging best practices, etc. He created and led the single largest team in India for drafting and prosecution to deliver high volume prosecution and drafting services (~3000+ US/Global OA responses/year and ~200 patent applications/year) for a Japanese consumer electronics giant (also one of top 5 fliers in US). He has also led multi-million $ engagements with fortune 100 companies for Patent Portfolio Management/Development and achieved IP budget savings of up to 30% while adding value with a unique blend of innovative IP service offerings, trained human capital and disruptive technology tools.

Sharat is very passionate about technology and its use in gaining efficiency and improving quality in IP transactions. As a subject matter expert, he implemented a rare amalgamation of patent expertise and technology (+ data science) in IP Asset management disrupting the patent prosecution space to gain process and spend efficiency of ~25%. He regularly collaborates with Patent attorneys, in-house counsels, Chief Patent counsels, CIPOs, Licensing executives/attorneys, Patent Portfolio managers to formulate and execute IP strategies, aligning IP Asset Management with Business and Strategic imperatives, and achieving CTO/CIPO/CFO goals.

Sharat is the Director of IP and Patent Attorney at Khurana & Khurana (K&K) and of its Patent Research and IP Asset Management Firm, IIPRD. Ranked among the top Patent Prosecution Practitioners in India, Sharat focuses on Patent Portfolio Development & Management, Patent Litigation, Patent Valuation and IP Commercialization for Multinational Companies, Law firms, Start-ups etc in the high-tech domain.