Industrial Design Registration in Bahrain

Industrial drawing and design consist of the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of an article, and can include three-dimensional features, such as the shape of an article, or two-dimensional features, such as pattern, lines, or colour. The protection period for an industrial drawing and design is ten years from date of filing in the Kingdom. If the proprietor files a renewal application during the last year of the period, the protection shall be renewed for a further five years. The proprietor may also file a renewal application during the six months after the expiry date. The industrial drawing and design application is submitted to the Patent Office by the applicant if he is a national or resident in the Kingdom of Bahrain; foreign applicants who are not resident in the ​Kingdom must apply through the IP Registration Office or a law firm in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Filing for Industrial Design

As per the law of Industrial Design, any natural person or legal entity who is a citizen of the Kingdom of Bahrain or a foreigner of a country member in the World Trade Organization or the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial property, or that applies reciprocity to the Kingdom, or if the person has real and effective industrial or commercial establishments in the territories of such countries, shall have the right to file an application for the registration of an industrial design in conformity with the provisions of this Law.

The protection period of an industrial design shall be for a period of ten years as from the date of filing the registration application in the Kingdom. The protection shall be extended for a further period of five years, when the right holder applies for renewal within the last year of the protection period. The owner may, however, apply for renewal of the registration, within three months after the expiry of the prescribed protection period.

As per the law, the application for the registration of an industrial design shall be filed and an application may include up to 50 industrial designs, provided that they all constitute a “unity”.

Documents Required For Filing

Documents which are required for the filing must contains:

  • the applicant’s details;
  • two sets of drawings;
  • the legal representative’s information or a copy of the power of attorney;
  • priority details (if any);
  • the payment of the filing fee.
Examination and Grant

The Industrial Design only undergoes formal examination post which it is registered for the period of 10 years. Industrial designs in Bahrain are subject to the payment of annual maintenance fees that are due from the second year of the publication date and must be paid on the anniversary of the publication.

Official Fees (in Bahraini Dinar)
Services For Companies
Application of industrial design or model 40
Publication of industrial design or model 20
Registration of industrial design or model 35
Renewal fee after expiration of protection period 40
Annuity 2nd Year 40
Annuity 3rd Year 42
Annuity 4th Year 44
Annuity 5th Year 46
Annuity 6th Year 48
Annuity 7th Year 50
Annuity 8th Year 52
Annuity 9th Year 54
Annuity 10th Year 56
Annuity 11th Year 58
Annuity 12th Year 60
Annuity 13th Year 62
Annuity 14th Year 64
Annuity 15th Year 66
Additional fee due to late payment of the annuity 20