Trademark Registration In Saudi Arabia

In the Saudi Arabia, trademarks are governed by the Trademarks Regulation, Royal Decree No M/21 of 28 Jumada Awal 1423 Hejra (corresponding to 8 August 2002), and its Implementing Rules of the same year. Trademarks are also governed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Trademark Law, which Saudi Arabia adopted on 27 September 2016.

The GCC Trademark Law does not create a single unified method of trademark registration for GCC countries, thus, applications for registration are still made through the Saudi government body in charge of trademark oversight, the SAIP. The SAIP applies the ‘Nice Classification’ in accordance with the Agreement Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks of 1957.

Documents Required For Trademark Registration
  • a copy and description of the trademark required to be registered;
  • the name, title, address, nationality and trade name of the applicant (if any). If the applicant is a juristic person, the name, address of the head office and nationality must be stated;
  • where the application is submitted by an attorney, his name, title and address must be stated;
  • the products or services in respect of which the trademark is required to be registered, and the classification thereof;
  • a copy of the power of attorney together with the original for verifying purposes must be attached where the application was submitted by an attorney of the person concerned;
  • evidence of payment of application fees as stipulated in the Trademarks Regulation.
What Cannot Be Registered As A Trademark In Saudi Arabia?
  • Any trademark that lacks distinctive character
  • Any Expressions, drawings or marks that defy public morals or public order
  • Public emblems, flags, military emblems or symbols of any GCC states, other countries, or International Organizations
  • Any mark that showcases any religious significance
  • Geographic names
Trademark Examination, Grant and Validity

A similar trademark which is already registered by other applicant or is an internationally known mark cannot be registered. After the filing of the application, the mark will be reviewed and the mark will be examined usually within 7 working days. After the acceptance of the mark, the mark will be published electronically for a period of 60 days (after paying the publication fee (1575 SAR). In the absence of any objection to the mark, the final registration bill will be issued for (5000 SAR). Post which the trademark certification will be issued.

Registration of a trademark allows holders protection for ten years from the date of application, renewable for similar periods. Any renewal must be specifically applied for before the end of the last year of expiry of the registration, and the procedure for renewal is the same as the one for the initial registration of the trademark.

In case, the trademark is not used for 5 consecutive years, it may be deleted or cancelled. Penalties for infringement of a valid trademark include imprisonment for a period of not more than one year and a fine of not less than SAR 50,000 and not more than SAR 1 million.

Trademark Registration Official Fees (in Saudi Riyal)

(Please Note- The fees are subject to change with minor variations. The firm will not be liable for any discrepancy in the fees. The Charges will be taken as per the fees relevant at the time of providing the services.)

Services Fees
Filing fee 1000
Publication Fees 1575
Final Registration bill 5000