Commercial Litigation

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As it continues to prosper, there is rapid increase in commercial transactions in the market. Similarly,as a result of this, number of commercial disputes in India are also increased. Corporate and firms understand that howsoever good the intentions, there is no escape from Corporate Litigation. There is also a need to understand that the best way to deal with such matters/issues is to reduce the resources that are engaged in resolving such disputes.

At Khurana and Khurana,through our specialized team of lawyers having expertise in Contract Agreement/Drafting/Vetting and knowledge of rules, regulations and law, we offerwell-strategized legal opinions to our clients at all stages of Commercial Litigation to help resolve such litigation through various other means and procedures such as Mediation, Conciliation, Neutral Evaluation, Pre-Arbitral Referee, mini-trial or even re-negotiation of contracts so that our clients are protected from lengthy and costly litigation and arrive at favourable outcome. It is always an objective of K&K to perceive long-term implications of each strategy and propose such opinions that are conceived with with an objective of avoiding contentions at any stage of a commercial deal/engagement/relationship. When all such efforts are not successful, our teams of legal experts are able to support our clients on long term basis through personalized services to come out on top of all such Commercial Litigation.